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At HR Healthcare, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the healthcare industry for human resources. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

Cleveland Clinic Uses Empathy Training in Patient Experience Strategy

The new initiative covers all 50,000 caregivers at the Cleveland Clinic and involves a wide-ranging suite of new concepts - ideas such as providing patients with checklists to help them prepare for a procedure and trying to anticipate their worries and concerns.

Ascension Health's Recruitment Strategy To Obtain the Hottest Tech Talent

Tech-savvy organizations must constantly look for ways to incorporate the latest and greatest digital technology into their operations. Whether this is to provide clients or customers with unique experiences or to make it easier for staff to perform their roles, technology has the power to benefit industry at all levels.

Amita Health New Focus On Outpatient, Preventative, and Virtual Health

Virtual health originally started as a way for people in isolated regions to access healthcare, but it's now finding popularity as a primary way of getting medical assistance,people can use smartphones to contact doctors, even providing photos of their symptoms, and receive a remote diagnosis

Here's How Atrium Health Managed Its Controversial Rebranding

There are big issues to be considered, such as ensuring the public is aware of the new brand and realigning marketing efforts with the updated image and mission statement. But there are also many smaller details to consider alongside them

How Atlantic Health System Made '100 Best Companies to Work For'List

Atlantic Health System works hard to create a real family atmosphere around its workers. Social events and family days are a great way to help the workforce bond on a personal level. When people have strong personal bonds, their teamwork is boosted as they learn to rely on and trust in one another.

Intermountain Healthcare Emerges With a Stronger and Focused Brand

Sometimes, the only option to make sure your healthcare organization stays relevant and affordable is to restructure. While this often means making tough choices about which roles are necessary and which are superfluous, the result is a stronger organization .

How Northfield Health Is Helping Transform the Communities It Serves

Most often, organizations try to get employees to partake in training exercises or engage with ongoing assessment and career development programs. Many companies use technology or gamification techniques to achieve this.

How To Develop A Healthcare Workforce That Outperforms In The Skills Economy

WBR Insights and Cornerstone have partnered to research how HR strategies in the healthcare industry are evolving to meet the demands of today and beyond. After surveying 119 executives in healthcare HR, a picture of an industry in ux has emerged. Read on to review our research findings, alongside insights contributed by your industry peers.

How SSM Health Became a Top Ten Company for Its Interview Process

The interview process can be daunting for both prospective employees and recruiters. However, SSM Health is making sure its own interview process is a top ten experience for all concerned.

How Mount Sinai Health System is Building a Pipeline for Diverse Talent Acquisition

Diversity is a hot topic for anyone working in a field responsible for personnel acquisition and retention, and Mount Sinai Health System is building its own diverse talent pipeline to avoid a homogeneous workforce.

Q&A with Julene Campion, VP Talent Acquisition, Geisinger

We caught up with one of our keynotes, Julene Campion, VP Talent Acquisition at Geisinger Health System, to discuss her passions at work, balancing “heart and soul” with data within her role, and what she is looking forward to sharing with you at HR Healthcare.