Here's How Ascension Health Is Fighting for the Hottest Tech Talent

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There's little doubt that the progress of technology is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

It's so inexorable and rapid, in fact, that even the most highly respected experts in the world of digital technology cannot accurately predict what the landscape will look five years into the future.

This means tech-savvy organizations must constantly look for ways to incorporate the latest and greatest digital technology into their operations. Whether this is to provide clients or customers with unique experiences or to make it easier for staff to perform their roles, technology has the power to benefit industry at all levels.

Naturally, this has led to a race for organizations to recruit the very best and brightest tech and IT talent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

Catholic not-for-profit healthcare system Ascension Health is no exception.

Ascension Health

Rather than simply going after tech and IT talent like other companies, Ascension Health is trying different methods of attracting them to the organization.

The first of these is a brand new satellite office for the tech arm of the healthcare organization - Ascension Technologies. The new office, located in Cortex, will initially have vacancies for approximately 20 employees who will work on projects including web and mobile development, tech automation, cloud strategy, analytics and data science, and virtual care.

"We opened this satellite office at Cortex to be part of an innovative community and give our associates more opportunities to network and collaborate with their technology peers from across our region," said Ascension Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Ascension Technologies, Gerry Lewis. "We appreciate the diversity we see there and hope to benefit from the creative thinking that diversity of skill and thought inspires, something that can only serve to improve the products and services we offer as a leader in the healthcare technology space."

The choice of location for the new office is no accident either. Cortex is proximate to several local universities, meaning it's ideally placed to recruit the finest minds directly out of the halls of academia.

Access to university scholars is a fantastic way to recruit talent. Many students are nervous about making the transition from academic to working life and appreciate any mentoring and assistance they can get. This will also foster loyalty in new recruits and increase the chances of them remaining with the organization for years to come.

Organizations such as Ascension can contact tutors directly and ask them to recommend their very best students and those who will be the most receptive to a career in the healthcare technology industry.

"Cortex is thrilled to add Ascension Technologies to our innovation community," said President and CEO of the Cortex Innovation Community, Dennis Lower. "We hope to provide a platform of engagement for Ascension where they can experience and contribute to the creative, entrepreneurial energy that feeds innovation and finds solutions that support their critical healthcare mission."

Final Thoughts

Ascension Technologies is working hard to make sure it has access to the best tech and IT talent available. Without the thoughtful placement of the new innovation hub, many of these students would likely be attracted to careers in the consumer electronics or computer technology industries, working on smartphones and tablets for Apple, et al.

However, because of the new hub, these impressive skills can instead be put to work in the healthcare industry, creating innovative solutions designed to better treat illnesses and improve clinical outcomes.

"I like working for Ascension Technologies because of our Mission," said Product Owner, Angela Kamman. "But being located at Cortex gives us lots of opportunities to network with other companies and interact with colleagues more informally."

"I'm extremely pleased to be here in Cortex. This is an amazing organization, facility and moment for us as Ascension," added President and Chief Executive Officer at Ascension, Anthony Tersigni. "It really is taking our technology thoughts to the next level. I'm also very interested in making sure that we're recruiting the next generation of leaders."

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