Here's How SSM Health Became a Top Ten Company for Its Interview Process

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The interview process can be daunting for both prospective employees and those looking to recruit them. However, SSM Health is making sure its own interview process is a top ten experience for all concerned.

Catholic, not-for-profit organization SSM Health began when five nuns came to the US in 1872, fleeing religious persecution in Germany. They had gained medical experience caring for sick and wounded soldiers during the Franco-Prussian War, and, upon arrival in the States, took up the responsibility of providing home care to the people of St Louis. The sisters became famous locally for caring for victims of the smallpox epidemic, which struck the area that winter. In 1874, the organization received its formal name of the Sisters of St Mary (SSM).

Today, SSM Health operates from over 100 separate locations and employs over 40,000 staff and physicians. In Fall 2017, three SSM Health hospitals in St Louis were awarded an A grade from the Leapfrog Group's Hospital Safety Group.


Glassdoor is one of the world's largest jobsites and provides free information and advice to jobseekers. Aside from job listings and a CV upload feature, Glassdoor also gives information on over 100 companies, including salaries, benefits, and advice on what candidates can expect from the interview process, such as what questions they might be asked by interviewers. Glassdoor gains these insights by asking users to share their experiences when seeking employment within featured companies.

Once per year, Glassdoor analyses this data based on positive/negative experience, interview difficulty, and the length of the process, and compiles a top ten list of the best places to be interviewed.

"The interview process is the gateway experience that employers have with a candidate, and you only get one chance to make a great first impression," said Carmel Galvin, Chief Human Resources Officer at Glassdoor, speaking about the awards. "These employers stand out from the rest for offering a best in class candidate experience that is vital to turning quality candidates into amazing employees. I congratulate these employers for efficient, effective and innovative interviewing and hiring practices. It's no easy task, but employers who get this right will have the recruiting and business advantage."

The SSM Interview Process

In the 2017 list of Glassdoor's best places to be interviewed, SSM Health was granted the #6 spot. The ranking was gained through an 83% positive interview experience, a 2.6/5 interview difficulty rating, and a total interview process length of 13 days.

"We received an overwhelmingly positive response from our candidates on their interview experiences, which is the result of hundreds of quality daily interactions between our candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and staff," said Thomas Ahr, System Vice President of Talent for SSM Health.

The overall positive interview process experienced by their candidates has been earned through a range of innovations, beginning with active collaboration with, and listening to the needs of, internal and external interactions with the process, as well as putting its "promise to candidates" policy at front and center.

Other innovations include launching its new "Hire for Fit" interview program to help create an exceptional candidate experience and support effective hiring. Contained within this program is an interview self-scheduling tool which allows candidates to arrange or re-arrange their interview at a time of their convenience - within reason of course.

An expanded text program allows the recruitment team to communicate with candidates in a simple and convenient manner during the interview process as well as the post-recruitment onboarding follow-up. Candidates can also facilitate communication during these processes using a real-time online chat feature. Those interested in searching or applying for a position at SSM Health are able to text "SSMJOBS" to 48421 or visit

All of this is supported by providing interview and resume advice to the communities surrounding SSM Health hospitals to help them find employment - in any field.

Final Thoughts

With its innovations in not only helping candidates during its own interview process, but also offering job seeking assistance to the community at large, SSM Health is working to take the sting out of recruitment on both sides of the interviewer's desk.

The final word goes to SSM Health's System Vice President of Talent, Thomas Ahr.

"Our commitment is to provide an exceptional candidate experience parallels our commitment to providing an exceptional patient experience and employee experience at SSM Health."

You can hear SSM Health's Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer Lynn Bruchhof speak at HR Healthcare 2018 this August at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA.

Download the agenda today for more information and insights.

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