My HR Healthcare Story

‘By far the most relevant, engaging, and thoughtful HR conference I have attended.’

Elaine Watson

Elaine Watson

Executive Director, Human Resources Business Partnerships, Alberta Health Services

First Year Attended: 2017

How She's Participated: Attendee

Conference Highlights: Smaller; high caliber, wise and knowledgeable presenters and attendees; agenda that was on point with what we are dealing with today.

I received an invitation to attend through one of the WBR staff

…And it was one of the best conferences I’ve attended in a while! The draw for me were the speakers and the topics. And I was pleasantly surprised that the content presented was so on point, I couldn’t wait to head back to my office and present it to my colleagues.

I was a little apprehensive about going to the event alone

…but that melted away within a few minutes of being at the event! The whole conference was designed for attendees to mingle and network so I was able to engage with people, have conversations and even make some friends!

If I could, I would bring my whole department

We’ve got about 1200 people that deal with HR and that would benefit greatly from attending a conference like this. At the very least, I would like my VP to attend this event – either as a speaker or as an attendee.

I had a presentation with my senior management as soon as I got back from the conference. I had learned so much and had so many ideas that were inspired by the real tangibles presented at the event

The small size of the event proved to be its best feature

The small numbers kept the event intimate and allowed for more meaningful interactions with attendees. I attended alone but I never really felt alone – it felt like I was part of this small community of likeminded people who had come together to discuss common challenges and collectively come up with solutions. I particularly loved hearing about the patient family care culture nurtured by organizations like Cedar Sinai and Wake Forest Baptist Medical.

We can’t wait for the 2018 event!

I have my eye on this conference for next year. I’ve already recommended this to my senior management and we’re looking forward to participating on the agenda. As a Canadian organization, we have a unique perspective on strategy and implementation that we’re happy to share at the conference.

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