My HR for Healthcare Story by Donna Burke:

‘The HR Healthcare 2017 conference was great! The setting was gorgeous, the intimate setting was easy to talk to the other attendees, the sessions were short and very interesting, great speakers, and it was a very well-run conference.’

Donna Burke

Donna Burke

Health Care Information Leader, Mercer

First Year Attended: 2017

How She's Participated: Attendee & Sponsor

Conference Highlights: The conference may have been small in size but it delivered on the quality of speakers and content presented.

I was part of the staff sent to represent Mercer (sponsor)

…I attend a lot of HR conferences on behalf of my organization (Mercer). HR for Healthcare is one of the best in the industry. I was mostly sitting in on the presentations and I was really impressed with the caliber of speakers. The content discussed was on point with some of the challenges facing the industry today. And the shorter sessions kept the attendees engaged.

The smaller size gave us the opportunity to really connect with attendees

…most other events have a constant stream of people going in and out. Because you are trying to make as many connections as possible, you end up spreading yourself thin. At this event, the smaller size meant that we had more time to engage people in conversations, to find out their challenges and to discuss ways in which we can help.

We’re looking forward to being part of the HR for Healthcare community again next year!

It turns out that our investment in this conference paid off – we made some great connections and came back with some invaluable insight into the industry. We want to continue being part of this ‘community’ and we would love to have the opportunity to contribute to some of the content presented in 2018. You can count on Mercer participating again next year!

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