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Unexpected Benefits of HCM and ERP Integration in the Cloud: How Healthcare HR Can Lead Digital Transformation

HCM and ERP integration in the cloud has many clear benefits for healthcare providers, but perhaps the unexpected benefits are even more noteworthy. HR teams that take advantage of integrated cloud solutions and tackle the ensuing culture changes will be well-positioned to lead through regulatory changes, value-based care, digital transformation, and other disruption. Future-ready leaders will build upon the many advantages integrated cloud technology affords, directing their teams and their organizations to greater success while promoting patient health. 

Tomorrow’s Healthcare, Today: Exploring the Role of Human Resources in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is shaping the future of healthcare payers and providers across the world. Every functional area—from patient care to member services to human resources (HR)—is actively incorporating new technologies into how work gets done and developing strategies that will impact the future of healthcare. This revolution is changing what the patient and employee experiences look like, how operational processes happen, and upending healthcare business models themselves. Read through to learn more!

Aligning Employee Engagement and Satisfaction with the Quality of Patient Care

In 2019, HR teams in the healthcare industry are building more sustainable and compelling employee engagement strategies. They are not only rethinking training and communication; they are adopting more receptive approaches to improving engagement on key initiatives and driving organizational value. In this report, we benchmark the latest trends in healthcare employee engagement and uncover how healthcare organizations are transforming how they motivate employees to deliver superior care solutions.

Continuous Background Screening: An Effective Workplace Safety Tool for Healthcare Employers

Healthcare employers rely on effective screening tools in the hiring of qualified candidates. But how do employers maintain that peace of mind once those candidates become employees? This white paper focuses on an effective employment safety assessment tool valuable to healthcare employers: recurring criminal history checks.

Digital HR and Our Journey to Transform Onboarding

Hiring the right talent to join our team and deliver remarkable patient care calls for an enhanced HR digital foundation.  We found the remarkable candidate and they have accepted our offer of employment.

What now? 

Alen Brcic, Director of HR Technology at Novant Health, shares his insights on using technology to transform HR and the onboarding process.