HR Healthcare 2020

December 01 - 02, 2020

Hyatt Regency Austin, TX

Day Two: Engaging & Nurturing Talent for a Patient-Centric Workforce

7:00 am - 8:00 am Breakfast & Registration

8:00 am - 8:05 am Welcome Remarks

Zainab Hayat, Program Director at HR Healthcare 2020, a WBR event

Zainab Hayat

Program Director
HR Healthcare 2020, a WBR event

8:05 am - 8:20 am Chairperson’s Opening Address

Greg Button, President, Global Healthcare Services at Korn Ferry

Greg Button

President, Global Healthcare Services
Korn Ferry

8:20 am - 8:45 am Keynote: Providing Better Care through a Comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Today the need and power of diverse workforce at a healthcare provider is inarguable. At Dana-Farber Cancer Canter, a US News ranked cancer center and recognized as a best place to work for diversity by Forbes, Ildemaro Gonzalez has leads a comprehensive D&I strategy. He will share with the audience how he worked with the organization's business leaders to focus on:
• Enhance care experience of diverse patients
• Increase diversity in leadership positions
• Create an inclusive workplace culture for better engagement and retention

Ildemaro Gonzalez, VP, Chief Diversity Officer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Ildemaro Gonzalez

VP, Chief Diversity Officer
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

8:45 am - 9:10 am Keynote: Bulletproof Strategic Workforce Planning for a Proactive HR Strategy

The time has passed for healthcare providers relying on traditional pipelines of talent and learning and development programs. Ashley Ridgeway-Washington is a firm believer that HR can do more to push business objectives forward. At CHRISTUS, Ashley is passionate about finding solutions to talent challenges now and in the future through robust strategic workforce planning that speaks to business needs to come. She will talk through:
• Understanding future demographics and how they affect your patient and workforce populations
• Developing more robust learning for effective upskilling and reskilling
• Working with education partners to prepare their students for future workforce capabilities

Ashley Ridgeway-Washington, VP, HR at CHRISTUS Health

Ashley Ridgeway-Washington


• Understanding your organization’s best-selling points in attracting and retaining talent
• Leveraging effective feedback and survey tools to hear what your employees value
• Incorporating people analytics to understand your current workforce and future candidates

Errol Douglas, SVP, CHRO at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Errol Douglas

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Ben Wankel, VP, HR at UCHealth

Ben Wankel


Sean McBride, Head of Partnerships at Lyra Health

Sean McBride

Head of Partnerships
Lyra Health

Doug Stefano, SVP, Healthcare at Bright Horizons

Doug Stefano

SVP, Healthcare
Bright Horizons

9:40 am - 10:20 am Morning Refreshment Break in the HR Hub

While changes in healthcare reform and the industry continue to unfold, what are some challenges HR executives are addressing around remaining nimble while staffing for the future. After the panel’s opening remarks, the moderator will invite audience members to submit questions on the app for the panel – and the rest of the room!
Vicki Cansler, SVP, CHRO at Piedmont Healthcare

Vicki Cansler

Piedmont Healthcare

Tiffiny Lipscomb, AVP, HR Operations at Intermountain Healthcare

Tiffiny Lipscomb

AVP, HR Operations
Intermountain Healthcare

Rebecca Seiden, Director, Healthcare & Life Science’s Division at Sterling

Rebecca Seiden

Director, Healthcare & Life Science’s Division

10:50 am - 11:10 am Keynote: The War for Talent: Recruiting and Retaining Utilizing Student Loan Benefits

With student loan debt now reaching upwards of $1.5 trillion in the U.S, many talent focused healthcare systems are looking for ways to help their employees address this priority. Over the past year, several notable hospitals introduced student loan contributions to recruit and retain key nursing talent whose most pressing need is paying off their student loan debt. As hospitals prepare for the impact of Baby Boomer nurses nearing retirement - attracting millennial talent has become mission critical for continued success. 

This session will focus on student loan trends within healthcare systems. 
• Learn how organizations are assessing their own demographic to determine how student debt is impacting their employee base 
• Learn how peer employers are thinking about eligibility for a student loan benefit. 
• What does a typical student loan reimbursement benefit look like for a nurse? 
• Update on current legislation in congress impacting student loan benefits 

As workforce demographics shift, the ways in workers consume information changes rapidly, and learning and development needs rise within healthcare, hospitals and health systems are being creative in developing effective learning programs. Join your colleagues to discuss how organizations are:
• Build learning programs for the modern worker and workplace
• Providing opportunities for professional growth to develop highly engaged talent
• Changing learning & development methods for different demographics

Sandra St. Fleur, Head of Organizational Development & Learning at UCLA

Sandra St. Fleur

Head of Organizational Development & Learning

Judy Zola, Director, Learning & Development at Boston Children’s Hospital

Judy Zola

Director, Learning & Development
Boston Children’s Hospital

Elizabeth Bruno, Chief Learning Officer at Baptist Health

Elizabeth Bruno

Chief Learning Officer
Baptist Health

11:40 am - 12:00 pm Keynote: Elevate Employee Experience & Boost Productivity for Improved HR Service Delivery

• Empower your team to assist employees more speedily and effectively 
• Simplify and automate complex operations and allow your employees to focus on strategic business needs
• Improve compliance and reduce employee data privacy risks

James Nevins, VP, Sales & Alliances, North America at PeopleDoc

James Nevins

VP, Sales & Alliances, North America

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm Guest Keynote: Roll with Change: Developing a Mindset to Thrive against Adversity

What inspires us to push beyond where we want to stop? It’s about developing a mindset that helps us get better at handling our daily difficulties so that we can become more effective at accomplishing our goals. Jake French’s story will forever change the way you respond to adversity.
Jake isn’t a celebrity, a mountain climber, or a rock star. He’s an ordinary person, who figured out how to thrive in extraordinary circumstances. His talk will challenge how you deal with change, make you laugh hysterically, and walk away feeling uplifted so that you can be a stronger person inside and out!

Inspiration lights up your people’s inner drive to push past limitations and perform at their highest level. Jake French teaches what fuels inspiration, inhibits it, and the strategies you can use to leverage it. As a young man on top of the world with a new college degree and dream job as a forester, life was suddenly turned upside down by a devastating spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic. Life happened, as unexpected change tried to steal the wheel. It was what came next, the choice to live it, which means to develop a mindset that helps you make the most of the resources you do have to work with, becoming the blueprint for a way of life that can help all of us accomplish more.
Jake French, Speaker, Author, & Trainer at Jake French Inspires

Jake French

Speaker, Author, & Trainer
Jake French Inspires

12:20 pm - 1:25 pm Luncheon

Track A: Workforce & Succession Planning

Track A

1:25 pm - 1:55 pm Case-Study Interactive: Coaching through Consistent Succession Planning to Ready Your Business for the Future
Jay Morris leads talent management at the US News Honor Roll ranked Yale-New Haven Health. Jay Morris is working through how to bring a component of coaching that strengthens and engages leaders and staff. Jay will talk through how his team is:
• Implementing the 70-20-10 model
• Certifying internal coaches
• Targeting coaching for physician leaders

Jay Morris, VP, Leadership Development & Education at Yale New Haven Health

Jay Morris

VP, Leadership Development & Education
Yale New Haven Health

Track B: Total Rewards

Track B

1:25 pm - 1:55 pm Case Study Interactive: Building Sustainable & Compelling Total Rewards
With shrinking talent pools and increasing workforce demands, the importance of your organization's compensation and benefit offerings has never been greater. At Baylor Scott & White Health, Nakesha Lopez oversees Total Rewards and created "Compensation Committees" to improve the conversations and decisions around comp and ben changes - and above all help retention and turnover. She will chat through:
• Understanding what data to be reviewing
• Bringing in operational and business leaders into working groups for changes
• Making the business case for market rate

Nakesha Lopez, VP, HR at Baylor Scott & White Health

Nakesha Lopez

Baylor Scott & White Health

Track C Boardrooms: Performance Management & Engagement
10 participants. Practitioner-only. Sign up during registration.

Track C Boardrooms

1:25 pm - 1:55 pm The Journey to an Engaged, Empowered Workforce – and National Recognition
In April, 2009 the University of Southern California (USC) purchased the Keck Hospital and Norris Cancer Hospital from a private hospital corporation. At the time the census was below 50%, workforce size was 1500 and net revenue was $450m. Today the organization, Keck Medicine of USC, has expanded to three hospitals, over forty ambulatory sites, a workforce of over 6400 and net annual revenue topping $2b. Throughout this past decade Keck leadership has focused on recruiting exceptional talent, improving work processes, and engaging the workforce. 
As a result of these and numerous other initiatives, the organization received Magnet status in the summer of 2018. In the summer of 2019, Keck Medical Center was recognized by US News and World report as an honor roll facility and achieved national ranking as the number 16 hospital in the country. And finally, in the fall of 2019, the hospital was ranked as a “A” level facility for patient safety by Leapfrog. 
Matthew McElrath, CHRO at Keck Medicine of USC

Matthew McElrath

Keck Medicine of USC

1:55 pm - 2:25 pm Workshop: Ready for the Future: Assessing Skill Gaps & Building Pipeline for Leadership Roles

Work through mapping a data driven, assessment based succession plan – and make sure you can use it! This workshop will address:
• Using data to identify & plan for leadership gaps
• Identifying criteria to assess potential candidates and measure readiness
• Market succession plan adoption for executive buy-in
To lead this session reach out to Charlie McNiff at or 646-200-7828

1:55 pm - 2:25 pm Workshop: Committing to an Iterative Approach to Pay Equity

Boost worker morale and loyalty through a culture of fairness. We will discuss:
• Mitigating legal risk in the ever-changing healthcare industry using technology         
• Retain and attract employees in today's tight talent market
• Identify root causes of pay inequities caused by business decisions

Maria Colacurcio, CEO at Syndio

Maria Colacurcio


1:55 pm - 2:25 pm Workshop: Driving Employee Feedback Participation From the Bottom Up

• Being purposeful about communicating change
• Showing that executives care about employee feedback 
• Adopting different modes of delivery based on employee type and location
• Showcasing results from the surveys
To lead this session reach out to Charlie McNiff at or 646-200-7828

2:25 pm - 2:55 pm Case Study Interactive: Laying the Groundwork for the Future of Your Organization's Leadership

Larry Perkins has spent a busy past year and a half building up MD Anderson's leadership institute. With just a handful of health systems embracing leadership institutes in their leadership development program, Larry will talk through:
• How to get buy in from all three levels of the workforce
• Developing a curriculum that works for everybody
• Integrating Diversity & Inclusion in your leadership development model

Larry Perkins, AVP, Talent & Diversity at MD Anderson

Larry Perkins

AVP, Talent & Diversity
MD Anderson

2:25 pm - 2:55 pm Case Study Interactive: Leveraging Total Rewards for a Competitive Advantage in Talent Attraction

Today's workforce needs are more complex than the compensation and benefit policies of yore. With organizations outdoing each other in benefit offerings to a highly sought talent pool, how can you differentiate your organization?
• Customizing rewards offerings to each segment of prospective talent
• Effectively publicizing your company's offerings and ensuring ease of access
• Communicating a culture of employee well-being

2:25 pm - 2:55 pm Case Study Interactive: Better Conversations Make for Better Performance

• Improving employee development and assessment
• Informing managers better for the conversations they have with their team members
• Tying engagement responses to performance development 
• Making employees feel they are being cared for 

2:55 pm - 3:25 pm Afternoon Refreshment Break in the HR Hub

HR Leaders-Only Afternoon: After an action-packed two days, the next 90 minutes are for you to regroup with your peers (no vendors!). Take this opportunity to deep dive into a topic you want to unpack more of, build stronger connections with HR leaders experiencing similar challenges, and walk away with resources that will help your business navigate the choppy waters of healthcare with ease.

Choose one. 10 participants. Practitioner-only. Sign up during registration.
1. Engagement & Retention for Non-Clinical Workforce 
Lia Spirka, Director, Development Administration, NYU Langone
2. Revamping Performance Management
Bill Hodson, Senior Advisor, Organizational Development, Mayo Clinic 
3. How to Leverage Technology to Fill in Gaps in Talent Shortage
Beverly Kravitz, Director, Human Resources, Communications, & Legal Affairs, Jewish General Hospital
4. Employee Wellness for a Healthy, Engaged Workforce
5. Realigning HR through Shared Service Models
Kate McCann, SVP, CHRO, The University of Maryland Medical System
Susan Hussey, VP, HR, The University of Maryland Medical System

Lia Spirka, Director, Development Administration at NYU Langone

Lia Spirka

Director, Development Administration
NYU Langone

Bill Hodson, Senior Advisor, Organizational Development at Mayo Clinic

Bill Hodson

Senior Advisor, Organizational Development
Mayo Clinic

Beverly Kravitz, Director, HR, Communications & Legal Affairs at Jewish General Hospital

Beverly Kravitz

Director, HR, Communications & Legal Affairs
Jewish General Hospital

Kate McCann, SVP, CHRO at The University of Maryland Medical System

Kate McCann

The University of Maryland Medical System

Susan Hussey, VP, HR at The University of Maryland Medical System

Susan Hussey

The University of Maryland Medical System

3:25 pm - 4:55 pm CHRO Boardroom

10 participants. C-level or equivalent. Practitioner-only. Sign up during registration.

Topics include, but not limited to:
• Consumerization of HR
• Leveraging digital technology
• Shared service models
• Personalizing HR Service
• Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

Vicki Cansler, SVP, CHRO at Piedmont Healthcare

Vicki Cansler

Piedmont Healthcare

4:55 pm - 4:55 pm End of HR Healthcare 2020